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A Little About Us
My name is Michael Angel. I make games under the name
True Light Games.

I am a follower of Christ, and I consider this the most important element in anything that I do. I am married to my wonderful, beautiful wife Sharon.

I have played multiple instruments in bands, toured the world singing, recorded and mixed many albums, written and recorded music that has been licensed around the world for use in tv, movies, radio, and other media, and I write music for soundtrack and motion picture trailers.

I create a line of audio software that allows users to record through real, high end analog hardware. I have been an audio mastering engineer over the last 13 years, and I have been a visual artist for many years and have sold my paintings to private collectors, businesses, and even museums around the world.

My goal is to create great games that are entertaining, and simultaneously have your best interest in mind. Many of today's games are technically incredible, and some have great imaginative stories, but a vast majority
are based on extreme graphic violence, crude language, and often sexual visuals and themes. I hope to provide an alternative in the industry that entertains at the highest level while respecting the customer
by creating content with an interest in your well being.